Petron Ties the Series at 2-2

Petron made sure that they’d extend the series by winning Game 4 against Talk N Text.  Arwind Santos led Petron with 20 markers to go with 14 rebounds while four other Boosters had double digit scores.  Talk N Text on the other hand only had 3 players with double digit scores.   Even the newly awarded MVP Jimmy Alapag struggled in offense as he only finished with 8 points.  TNT’s performance last night was a far cry from their Game 3 outing with they hammered Petron for a 132-105 win.

With the series tied, it now boils down to the final 3 games of the series.  The last 3 games would surely be very exciting.  Both Petron and Talk N Text showcased their offensive prowess in the last 2 games and I’m sure that the following games would be no different.  Surely it’s going to be rough and dirty as both teams would certainly give their all to win the Governor’s Cup.  I’m a big big Talk N Text fan and I’m looking forward for them to win it all and get the Grand Slam.




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