Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE

Brock Lesnar has stayed away from the squared circle for quite some time now but he clearly hasn’t lost his flair for pumping up the crowd.  This week, Brock announced his return to WWE by delivering an F-5 to an unsuspecting John Cena. As a fan, I have mixed feelings about him coming back to WWE.

I personally think he should have stayed away from WWE, but if you think about it, the man is a natural in sports entertainment.  With minimal efforts, he portrays his character seamlessly, as displayed in his previous stints in WWE and UFC.  In WWE, he wont need to push himself as much as he needs to in UFC, though he would probably travel a lot, it would be easier for him to take care of himself after his life/career changing abdominal surgeries.

I’m a big fan of MMA Brock and I wasn’t too happy when he announced his retirement from UFC and MMA altogether.  I perfectly understand his point and how I wish he started fighting in the Octagon before 2007.  Had that happened, we could have possibly seen one of the most physically dominant fighters in the world of MMA. But sadly, all we can do now is wonder what could have been.

The bottom line is, the man’s gotta work. May it be in UFC or WWE, Brock needs to earn his living and if at this point he sees that opportunity in the WWE, then so be it.  We all need to work and I have nothing against it, though it might have been better if he stayed in the MMA industry, probably as a ringside commentator or a trainer.  But he probably wouldn’t earn as much as he would earn as a WWE superstar.

I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed his fights in the Octagon and all we can do now is enjoy his ‘fights’ in the squared circle.



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