Thoughts on La Salle-Ateneo

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last watched a live La Salle – Ateneo game.  I must say that I missed that familiar feeling of excitement and anxiety.  The Green Archers lost by a margin of 10 points to defending champions, the Blue Eagles.  As an Archer fan, it was quite painful to see my team on the losing end, but then again things could have been worse.  Early on the game, Ateneo pounded La Salle’s interior with a choking defense.  The punishing defense took its toll and the Eagles mounted a 26-10 advantage in the second period.

La Salle was able to regroup on time and with gritty plays and hard work, the Archers clawed their way back to the game and even tied the game at 42 at one point.  An And-1 play by Dela Paz had the Archers lead the game by 1 point, but too bad, that was just about it for La Salle.  The team was unable to extend the lead and costly turnovers down the stretch eventually doomed the Archers.  The game ended with La Salle looking at a 10 point deficit against their toughest rival.

Though La Salle lost by 10, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s a bitter pill to swallow knowing that the team lost to a rival school, but if you look at things from a different perspective, there’s really nothing to be ashamed of.  The Archers fought their way, they clawed back and chipped off a 16 point lead by Ateneo.  They just came up short in the end.  The game should be a learning experience for both Coach Gee and the entire La Salle squad.

It’s still early in the season and a lot of things can happen.  With right adjusments, La Salle would be able to win a couple of games and hopefully enter the Final Four stage.


Keep it green!


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