The Curious Case of Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley must be dreaming, or worse, hallucinating.  This guy must be living in lala land to think that Team Pacquiao is scared of him.  Seriously?  Bradley thinks that Manny Pancquiao is scared of him?  And check out what he said in an interview: “He couldn’t knock me out with two peg legs.  Me, healthy, I’m going to beat him worse.” How the hell are you going to beat Pacquiao worse of you weren’t even able to beat him bad?  Sure, Manny was unable to finish him off even with his ‘peg legs’, but then again, how much damage was Bradley causing when he had the use of his two good legs?

Bradley must keep in mind that the only reason why he was given the belt is because of the judges.  I know that a win is a win, but then again, a win is not always a win.  Case in point, Timothy Bradley.  He may have won the fight and captured the title, but everyone (excluding Bradley and the judges) knows that it’s the other way around.WBO had the fight tape reviewed by 5 judges and they all scored the fight in favor of Pacquiao.  I know that there’s no point crying over spilled milk, but what Bradley is claiming to totally ridiculous.

Bradley is clearly nowhere near the caliber of the fighters that Pacquiao put down in the last couple of years.  IMHO, Pacquiao only had difficulties with Marquez, but with the rest of the folks that he defeated, from Erik Morales all the way to Shane Mosley, Bradley is clearly nowhere near thoise guys.  Let’s see him fight another boxer other than Pacquiao and let’s see how much he can command and earn.  The thing with this Bradley guy is he just wants to ride on Pacquaio’s popularity so he can pad his measly earnings.

Manny is on the process of picking an opponent for a tentative bout in November and I believe that the he narrowed down the choices to Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.  Manny should definitely pick Bradley and blast him off his peg legs to prove once and for all that his win was a fluke.



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