La Salle Routs UE

La Salle started the second round with a big win over UE Red Warriors. The Archers crushed the Warriors 73-52 at the end of the regulation.

I arrived at MOA Arena a bit late and when I finally found the my seat, I scanned the court and realized that LA Revilla and Yutien Andrada were out of the court.  I thought they were on the bench and when I checked out the bench, they weren’t there either.  Both of them were seated a couple of rows away from the La Salle bench.  To be quite honest, I was a bit worried when I saw them not wearing their uniforms.  When I watched the game, I got more worried when I saw the players out of sync.  They were sloppy on the court and they were obviously our of rhythm.  But then I observed that Arnold Van Opstal and Jovet Mendoza playing quality minutes on the floor.  Mendoza, though he wasn’t scoring heavily, was doing everything pretty well.  AVO on the other hand filled in quite well for Norbert Torres.  With Andrada out of commission, AVO had to work double time and it turned out pretty well for him.  He finished with 14 points, 8 rebounds and a thunderous dunk in the second half.  My anxiety turned to relief when La Salle started to distance themselves from UE in the second half.

Coach Gee Abanilla did pretty well on the rotation of players.  Two of La Salle’s starters, were out of commision and he was able to rotate and maximize the players at his disposal.  Kudos to the Archers as well since they were made sure that whatever minutes they logged, it was beneficial to the team.

Next up for La Salle is UST who’s also coming from an OT win against Bulldogs today.  With both La Salle and UST coming off big wins today, I expect no less than a war on Wednesday.  I hope I can get tickets for the game on Wednesday.

Keep it green. ANIMO!



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