DLSU Brings In Allan Caidic as Shooting Coach

In an effort to improve the team’s shooting, La Salle, with the help of Danding Cojuangco Jr. brought in PBA Legend, Allan Caidic to hone the shooting skills of the Green Archers.  After an aggressive recruitement efforts in the off season, La Salle is now focusing the development of the players that they have on the team.  The Triggerman, as Caidic is known in the PBA, will definitely have positive impact on the team’s overall shooting.  I think the top priority would be free-throw shooting.  Poor FT shooting really hurt the team last season and I’m pretty sure that Coach Caidic has all the tools of the trade to address that issue.  Outside shooting is one of the areas that La Salle needs to work on and they made sure to bridge the gap by bringing in a deadly shooter to work purely as a shooting coach.

Coach Caidic is a welcome addition to the Green Archers and the entire La Sallian community and as a proud La Sallian, I’m very excited to see what the team has in store for the next season.

ANIMO La Salle!

keep it green


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