APS NOBL Day 1 (November 9)

Date: November 11

APS NOBL Day 1 (November 9)

Six games were scheduled on the opening day and the event was quite a success. As in any basketball league, there were some complains about the officiating but it’s just all part of the game. It was unfortunate though that there were at least 3 injuries that day though nothing was serious except for a suspected ACL injury on one player. Good thing though that it turned out not to be not a serious one.

One team though had to deal with a protest after winning since they supposedly fielded players who were not eligible to play in the league. They won their game, but the final verdict would be decided if they will keep the win or forfeit the game after the investigation requested by the losing team. Below are the game results.

1st Game: Rebels 55 vs Titans 54

2nd Game: Cobras 68 vs WFM 62

3rd Game: Vikings 60 vs Giants 43

4th Game: Ayala vs Vipers 44

5th game: Pythons vs Stallions 29

6th game: Rebels vs WFM 51


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