APS NOBL Day 2 (November 16)

Date: November 17

APS NOBL Day 2 (November 16)

APS NOBL gave back to the community yesterday when the players donated clothes to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. It started out as a suggestion from one player who had the idea to donate some of our old jerseys to out countrymen in need. Since most of the players are regular hoops junkies in and out of the NOBL, most of us had excess jerseys that were no longer used. The said campaign was pretty successful as we were able to gather quite a lot of donations which are mostly clothing and blankets which will surely be put to good use once they reach the victims in the Visayas.

Moving on to the games, below are the game results.

1st Game: Giants 54 Vs Stallion 40

2nd Game: SD Vipers 67 vs Cyberpythons 54

3rd Game: WFM 77 vs HR Vikings 58

4th Game: Titans (winner by forfeiture) vs Ayala

5th Game: Cobras 72 vs Rebels 56

6th Game: Giants 63 vs Cyberpythons 59

In addition to the results above, the opening game win of Ayala was forfeited after they failed to present documentation of the eligibility of the players they lined up during the opening win against the SD Vipers.


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