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  1. Greeting Sports Fans,

    The fantasy baseball season is almost here, and Rotohog.com is introducing new opportunities for bloggers and Fantasy Sports content sites. We have created customized Fantasy Baseball Leagues for blogs! Fantasy players can opt into a Blog League, pledge their allegiance to their favorite blog, and compete against other blogs. RotoHog will list your blog in the Blog League Directory and users will have the option to sign up for the blog league of their choice.

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    How does it work? Each league will average their score for its top 10 users. The leagues will be ranked by points, and a widget, provided by RotoHog, will display the standings on each Blog League page. During the baseball season, the top Blog League will be highlighted on the baseball Home Page.

    If you are interested in having your blog or fantasy sports site in RotoHog’s Blog League, contact promotions@rotohog.com. We look forward to hearing from you and your fans.

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