Carmela Tunay

Carmela Tunay


NOBL Semis Results (December 14, 2013)

NOBL Semis Results (December 14):

1st Game: Vikings def SD Vipers, 83-81
2nd Game: Cobras def Cyberpythons, 66-61

NOBL Team Standings as of Day 5

1. Cobras 5-1*
2. SD Vipers 5-1*
3. HR Vikings 5-1*
4. Cyberpythons 4-2*
5. DA Rebels 4-2
6. Giants 3-3
7. WFM 2-4
8. Stallions 1-5
9. Titans 1-5
10. Ayala APMC 0-6
*clinched semis spot

APS NOBL Day 3 (November 23)

Date: November 24

APS NOBL Day 3 (November 23)

I wasn’t able to play or even watch the any of the games because I had to report to work yesterday. I heard that there was a big commotion yesterday because of questionable officiating and apparently, the coach of SD Vipers blew his top and berated the officials about it. It was unfortunate for that to happen, but then again, shit happens in basketball. But I’m pretty confident that our organizers were able to handle the situation and pacify all parties involved. I just hope that yesterday’s unfortunate event would be the last and I sure wish that all parties learned from that experience.

Day 3 Game Results:

Game 1: Rebels vs Ayala – Rebels wins due to forfeiture

Game 2: Vikings 90 vs Cobras 67

Game 3: Pythons 57 vs Titans 33

Game 4: Stallions 71 vs WFM 64

Game 5: SD Vipers 57 vs Giants 42

Game 6: Vikings 77 vs Titans 56


SD Vipers 3-0
DA Rebels 3-1
HR Vikings 3-1
Cobras 3-1
Cyberpythons 2-2
Giants 2-2
Stallions 1-2
Purple Titans 1-3
WFM 1-3
Ayala 0-3

APS NOBL Day 1 (November 9)

Date: November 11

APS NOBL Day 1 (November 9)

Six games were scheduled on the opening day and the event was quite a success. As in any basketball league, there were some complains about the officiating but it’s just all part of the game. It was unfortunate though that there were at least 3 injuries that day though nothing was serious except for a suspected ACL injury on one player. Good thing though that it turned out not to be not a serious one.

One team though had to deal with a protest after winning since they supposedly fielded players who were not eligible to play in the league. They won their game, but the final verdict would be decided if they will keep the win or forfeit the game after the investigation requested by the losing team. Below are the game results.

1st Game: Rebels 55 vs Titans 54

2nd Game: Cobras 68 vs WFM 62

3rd Game: Vikings 60 vs Giants 43

4th Game: Ayala vs Vipers 44

5th game: Pythons vs Stallions 29

6th game: Rebels vs WFM 51

APS Non Operations Basketball League Season 4

Date: November 7

APS Non Operations Basketball League Season 4

What started out as a friendly 6 team tournament, the APS Non Operations Basketball League has now grown into something bigger and better. On November 9, we will be opening our 4th season and judging by our current system, this season is by far the best and most competitive.

The APS Non Operations Basketball League kicked off its inaugural season last year. It started out as a friendly basketball league organized by basketball enthusiasts from the company. Simply put, it’s a basketball league organized by basketball players. Originally, the league was composed of teams coming from support groups in the company, hence the name Non Operations Basketball League. Employees from different support groups like IT, HR, Work Force, Admin and Security came up with their own line ups and faced off each other.
The first season was organized by one of the two teams from IT. As the organizers, they took care of the booking of the venue and the hiring of the referees. Since it was just supposed to be a fun and friendly tournament, the players/participants took care of everything except for the actual officiating. Table committee duties were rotated among the teams. The whole atmosphere actually felt like a DIY basketball league.
The responsibility of organizing the succeeding seasons was also eventually rotated to the other participating teams. Going to seasons 2 and 3, minor changes came into place. What started out as a basketball league for support groups, people from Operations slowly took notice and expressed intentions of joining the league. Organizers eventually had the idea of having “imports” from the Operations join the league. Since the league was primarily designed for Non Operations folks, 1-import per team policy was put in place. The acquisition of imports from Operations eventually opened the gates of the league as “guest” teams from Operations started signing up to join the league.
Fast forward to Season 4, from the humble beginnings of the Non Operations Basketball League, the league is now big enough to support at least 10 teams including the original member teams and several guest teams. As part of the host team and as one of the team POCs, I’m hoping for a fun and competitive basketball season.

Teng Drops 35 on NU, Wins in 2OT

Prized rookie Jeron Teng scored 35 big points and led the Green Archers in 2OT 87-86 win over NU Bulldogs.  The win sealed a 4-3 record for La Salle after the first round.  Hopefully, the team can carry the momentum to the second round a get a couple more of wins to secure a slot in the Final Four.

It’s good to see that La Salle was able to adjust after their double OT loss to UST a couple of weeks back.  This time, the team made sure to maximize all possessions by converting them to points.  Free throw shooting still needs improvement though, especially for Teng and Norbert Torres.  Teng’s aggressive muscle plays earns him a several trips to the line every game and he needs to convert those free shots to points.  He showed improvements, but it’s still a long way to go.  He needs to be more consistent with his free throw shooting if he wants to take his team deep into the season.  Torres needs to work on his free throw shooting since he gets fouled in the paint several times in the game as well.  Just like Teng, he needs to be more consistent when shooting free throws to ensure that they can still score if and when their opponents resort to ‘hack-a-teng/torres’ tactics to throw them off of their game.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

Shout out to other contributors in today’s game like Almond Vosotros who tallied 18 points, including 4 from the rainbow,  Tomas Torres who steered the team while LA Revilla rested on the bench and the ever reliable Yutien Andrada who always finds different ways to help his team win.

After ending the previous round on a high note with back to back wins, hopefully the team can carry the steam and continue to win on the way to the Final Four.  Let’s strive for consistency on field, especially on execution, composure and most especially, free throw shooting.

Let’s start the second round with a bang!  KEEP IT GREEN!