NOBL Semis Results (December 14, 2013)

NOBL Semis Results (December 14):

1st Game: Vikings def SD Vipers, 83-81
2nd Game: Cobras def Cyberpythons, 66-61


La Salle Captures PCCL Title

The DLSU Green Archers ended the year on a high note after capturing the PCCL Championship yesterday.
The Green Archers won the first 2 games of a best of 3 series against the SWU Cobras. Jeron Teng was named the MVP after posting averages of 17 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.
The PCCL title comes after a few months of winning the UAAP Championship. With La Salle’s line up largely intact, this may be a sign of good things to come. Congratulations to the Green Archers and the entire La Salle community for winning the PCCL title. I’m hoping that there are more championships on the way.

NOBL Day 4

NOBL Day 4 (November 30)

Day 4 Game Results

Game 1: Cobras 82 def. Giants 56

Game 2: Cyberpythons 86 def. Ayala 27

Game 3: Vikings 69 def. Stallions 65

Game 4: Rebels 57 def. SD Vipers 56

Game 5: WFM 69 def. Titans 56

Game 6: Cobras 85 def. Ayala 54

APS NOBL Day 3 (November 23)

Date: November 24

APS NOBL Day 3 (November 23)

I wasn’t able to play or even watch the any of the games because I had to report to work yesterday. I heard that there was a big commotion yesterday because of questionable officiating and apparently, the coach of SD Vipers blew his top and berated the officials about it. It was unfortunate for that to happen, but then again, shit happens in basketball. But I’m pretty confident that our organizers were able to handle the situation and pacify all parties involved. I just hope that yesterday’s unfortunate event would be the last and I sure wish that all parties learned from that experience.

Day 3 Game Results:

Game 1: Rebels vs Ayala – Rebels wins due to forfeiture

Game 2: Vikings 90 vs Cobras 67

Game 3: Pythons 57 vs Titans 33

Game 4: Stallions 71 vs WFM 64

Game 5: SD Vipers 57 vs Giants 42

Game 6: Vikings 77 vs Titans 56


SD Vipers 3-0
DA Rebels 3-1
HR Vikings 3-1
Cobras 3-1
Cyberpythons 2-2
Giants 2-2
Stallions 1-2
Purple Titans 1-3
WFM 1-3
Ayala 0-3

APS NOBL Day 2 (November 16)

Date: November 17

APS NOBL Day 2 (November 16)

APS NOBL gave back to the community yesterday when the players donated clothes to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. It started out as a suggestion from one player who had the idea to donate some of our old jerseys to out countrymen in need. Since most of the players are regular hoops junkies in and out of the NOBL, most of us had excess jerseys that were no longer used. The said campaign was pretty successful as we were able to gather quite a lot of donations which are mostly clothing and blankets which will surely be put to good use once they reach the victims in the Visayas.

Moving on to the games, below are the game results.

1st Game: Giants 54 Vs Stallion 40

2nd Game: SD Vipers 67 vs Cyberpythons 54

3rd Game: WFM 77 vs HR Vikings 58

4th Game: Titans (winner by forfeiture) vs Ayala

5th Game: Cobras 72 vs Rebels 56

6th Game: Giants 63 vs Cyberpythons 59

In addition to the results above, the opening game win of Ayala was forfeited after they failed to present documentation of the eligibility of the players they lined up during the opening win against the SD Vipers.

APS NOBL Day 1 (November 9)

Date: November 11

APS NOBL Day 1 (November 9)

Six games were scheduled on the opening day and the event was quite a success. As in any basketball league, there were some complains about the officiating but it’s just all part of the game. It was unfortunate though that there were at least 3 injuries that day though nothing was serious except for a suspected ACL injury on one player. Good thing though that it turned out not to be not a serious one.

One team though had to deal with a protest after winning since they supposedly fielded players who were not eligible to play in the league. They won their game, but the final verdict would be decided if they will keep the win or forfeit the game after the investigation requested by the losing team. Below are the game results.

1st Game: Rebels 55 vs Titans 54

2nd Game: Cobras 68 vs WFM 62

3rd Game: Vikings 60 vs Giants 43

4th Game: Ayala vs Vipers 44

5th game: Pythons vs Stallions 29

6th game: Rebels vs WFM 51

Gilas Falls to Iran 85-71

Gilas Pilipinas settled for the silver medal finish after suffering a loss against powerhouse Iran. The team may have not secured the gold medal, but the entire tournament was pretty much successful. We hope to continue our success when we compete in the FIBA World Championships next year. Let’s continue to support our basketball team and all our athletes representing our flag. LABAN PILIPINAS.