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My Thoughts on La Salle Basketball

I’ve been unable to post something for quite a while now.  A lot has happened in the sportng world, but this time of the year, my interest is inclined towards college basketball specifically UAAP.  And in the past couple of weeks, a lot has happened in the league, specifically to DLSU Green Archers and i’ll try to write something about a handful of things in relation to La Salle basketball.

Beatdown from Ateneo

The game against our bitter rivals ended with a 10 point margin by the defending champs, the Blue Eagles.  La Salle might have had a fighting chance to steal that game had they played well during the first period.  We dug ourselves a 16 point hole in the first period and it proved too much for our squad to erase the deficit.  That’s a tough loss especially it was against Ateneo, but for me personally, I wasn’t really expecting La Salle to win.  I mean, of course I wanted La Salle to win, but realistically speaking, if we’re going to win against Ateneo, that’s gonna be a tough game.  As bitter as it  may taste, La Salle needs to swallow that bitter loss and learn from it.  Maturity and composure are two very important part of the game and that’s what we need.  We have the talent and skills, we just have to be more mentally prepared to battle it out, most especially against the Blue Eagles because I’m pretty sure that it carries more pressure to face your archrivals.

The Return of Almond Vosotros

Back in the first round, La Salle’s offense was heavily anchored on Jeron Teng.  Come second round, i’ve noticed that the defense of opposing teams has clamped down on Teng.  He still gets his usual points, though he’d usually shoot volumes on the floor just to convert points.  Norbert Torres’ game was also well scouted at the second round.  He’s struggling offensively for quite some time now (save for the double double performance against Adamson), and with Teng needing to bleed for his points and LA Revilla still out due to an ankle injury, who do we turn to for that much needed offensive contribution? That’s where Almond Vosotros comes in.  Coming out just like that it just so perferct in terms of timing.  Even with Revilla injured, Teng doesn’t need to exhaust himself just to put up points in the scoreboard.  Vostoros can readily pour in points whenever needed.  He can shoot the 3, he can drive and he can pass.  Now that the opponents know that this guy can score, the defense on Teng would probably relax a little bit and this will help him choose his shots wisely without having to force it.

The (Questionable) Officiating Against the Dog Pack

The game against NU Bulldogs really got me thinking about the way the referees officiated the game.  The number of fouls (and free throws) awarded to NU was just unacceptable.  The disparity was just too much to ignore.  Can you imagine Ray Parks having more free throw attempts than the entire La Salle squad?  That was just so wrong.  I’m not trying to discredit NU’s win, but the officiating that day really sucked.  I hope it never happens again to any team in the league.

2 Straight Wins to End the Elminations

To end the elimination round and have one final push before the Final 4,the Archers made sure to win their final 2 games by defeating the FEU Tamaraws and Adamson Falcons.  With those 2 wins, we ended the eliminations with a 9-5 record.  It’s good enough for a the fourth and final slot but since nothing comes by easy these days, we’ll have to wait out the result of the replay of FEU vs NU tomorrow.  The situations/scenarios leading to the Final 4 is just too complicated to explain and I would’nt dare to write about and just end up confusing the readers and myself.  The simplest option that all La Sallians should hope for is for FEU to win so that we can secure the fourth slot and get another chance to face the Ateneo in the Final 4.  Facing an Ateneo squad with a twice-to-beat advantage is a daunting task, be we Archers are not known to back down from a dog fight.  Win or lose it’s still ANIMO.  Let’s all hope for the best as we (hopefully) enter the Final 4 this season.

keep it green.