La Salle Captures PCCL Title

The DLSU Green Archers ended the year on a high note after capturing the PCCL Championship yesterday.
The Green Archers won the first 2 games of a best of 3 series against the SWU Cobras. Jeron Teng was named the MVP after posting averages of 17 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.
The PCCL title comes after a few months of winning the UAAP Championship. With La Salle’s line up largely intact, this may be a sign of good things to come. Congratulations to the Green Archers and the entire La Salle community for winning the PCCL title. I’m hoping that there are more championships on the way.


My Thoughts on La Salle Basketball

The second round of UAAP Men’s Basketball will kick off this week and I just can’t wait for it to start. After tallying a 3-4 card in the first round, I’m eager to see the Archers bounce back. Out of the 7 games played in round 1, I was fortunate enough to watch 6 of them. I did not take any notes in any of those games, but I’ll try to write some of my observations in their past games.

I’ll get straight to the point. I really feel that there’s something wrong with the coaching, specifically with Juno Sauler. Not that he’s not good, but I just find him to plain and passive. I mean, there’s nothing wrong if you’re a relaxed and reserved guy, but I just think that he needs to make his presence felt more. A good coach is more than just the plays and the Xs and Os. A good coach should be able to connect with his players and I honestly think that that’s is something that’s lacking with Juno. I believe in his skills as a coach because he can design good plays, but more than that, he should be able to relate to his players more. Keep in mind that he is coaching college players who might need more guidance and mentoring compared to players in pro leagues. But even with this flaw, I believe in him as a coach, though I really think that he needs some improvement.

Arnold Van Opstal was a revelation. I enjoyed watching his dunks last season, but this year is entirely different. It was quite enjoyable to see him waiting for drop passes last year for easy dunks, but this year, he showcased an array of post up moves that left many quite shocked. Apart from his improved post up/big man moves, another thing that I really like about AVO is his consistency at the line. With the entire La Salle team struggling to make shots from the line, AVO calmly sinks FTs after FTs when he gets the chance. In terms of performance, he may already overshadowed La Salle’s starting center, Norbert Torres, but I still believe that AVO should always play off the bench. His intensity and his raw energy always translates to something good when he comes to play. I’m hoping that Norbert can replicate AVO’s success, not just for the benefit of the team, but for himself as well. Norbert seems to have very little confidence left in himself and it’s about time for him to show what he’s made of. We probably should thank Jun Limpot for developing AVO and making him a threat in the post/paint. Let’s hope that he can get the same level of success with Norbert Torres.

I don’t know if it’s just me or there’s really something not right with Jeron Teng. To be quite honest, I was more impressed with Jeron in his rookie season compared this year. His level of play is just not the same as last year and I can only think of 2 possible reasons. First, he may be starting to feel the pressure of being labeled as the “King Archer”, which in my mind pointless. There’s no need to dub any of our players as the “King Archer” because it can lead to an inflated ego which we all know is not good. If the player dubbed as “King Archer” fails to deliver the team/crowd/community’s expectations, he will lose confidence which is really unfortunate. Jeron sure is an alpha dog in the team, but let’s try not to label him as the “King Archer” because I honestly believe that there’s no point calling him that. The second reason why Jeron is not as dominant as last year is probably because he style of play has been heavily scouted before. His slash and drive moves are no longer effective as last year. And if this is the case, expanding his arsenal is his best bet. Jeron is not know for his outside shooting and now is actually a good time to start working on that aspect. He should also learn to pass more since this penetration moves are usually defended well.

Intensity should never falter. It’s as simple as that. The level of intensity should be consistent all throughout the game. The team should realize that the game is 40min long and their focus, intensity and will to win should be consistent the whole time. There’s no time for cruising around. If there’s an opportunity to win, the team should never let it slip away.

That’s just about it for now. I’ll try to come up with something else before round 2 starts, that is if I find the time to actually write something. Anyway, good luck to DLSU Green Archers and rest of the teams in the UAAP. Let’s have a successful round 2 on our way to the Final 4. ANIMO LA SALLE!

Keep it green.

DLSU Brings In Allan Caidic as Shooting Coach

In an effort to improve the team’s shooting, La Salle, with the help of Danding Cojuangco Jr. brought in PBA Legend, Allan Caidic to hone the shooting skills of the Green Archers.  After an aggressive recruitement efforts in the off season, La Salle is now focusing the development of the players that they have on the team.  The Triggerman, as Caidic is known in the PBA, will definitely have positive impact on the team’s overall shooting.  I think the top priority would be free-throw shooting.  Poor FT shooting really hurt the team last season and I’m pretty sure that Coach Caidic has all the tools of the trade to address that issue.  Outside shooting is one of the areas that La Salle needs to work on and they made sure to bridge the gap by bringing in a deadly shooter to work purely as a shooting coach.

Coach Caidic is a welcome addition to the Green Archers and the entire La Sallian community and as a proud La Sallian, I’m very excited to see what the team has in store for the next season.

ANIMO La Salle!

keep it green

La Salle Ends Season with a 3pt Loss to Ateneo

After everything’s been said and done, all I have to say is it was a good run by the Archers.  For what was known as a ‘rebuilding season’, La Salle managed to crack into the Final 4 and face their archrivals and defending champs, Ateneo Blue Eagles.  During the eliminations, we lost both our games against them by 10 points.  Going into the semis, I was hoping that La Salle learned from their mistakes and that they would put up a good fight.  And they did.

From the get go, it was a really competitive fight.  Unlike our first 2 meetings against them, we did not let the Eagles storm out of the gates.  We paced with them the entire game and even mounted an 11 point lead in the second half.  It was heartbreaking to watch the lead dwindle little by little, no thanks to the heroic efforts of Ateneo’s Kiefer Ravena, who scored 16 points in the payoff period (to end the game with 28 points and 12 rebounds).  In  my opinion, La Salle made crucial mistakes and the opposing team made sure to exploit them.  La Salle had a comfortable lead when they suddenly threw 3pointers.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with that if they can drain the shots, or if those were indeed carefully selected shots.  La Salle should never have settled from long distance.  We should have tried to make high percentage shots by attacking the rim.  Joshua Webb also had a couple of bad plays which Ateneo took advantage of.  I understand that there’s no point in crying over spilled milk, but I just can’t help think about the what if’s.  There are no excuses, they won and we lost.  Congratulations to them and good luck on their Finals bout with UST.  La Salle may have made crucial mistakes but I’m still proud if what our team has accomplished this season.  Kudos to each and everyone on the team!

Jovet Mendoza and Webb are both graduating and won’t be back next year and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the hardwork and all their contributions to La Salle Basketball.  The core of our team will remain intact and the latter part of this season just showcased what we can bring to the table.  Our basketball season may be over for now, but the La Salle has a lot of positive things to look forward to. ANIMO LA SALLE!

Good luck to Ateneo Blue Eagles and UST Growling Tigers!

keep it green.


La Salle Beats FEU, Completes Final 4 Cast

(dated: September 26, 2012)

La Salle enters the UAAP Final 4 once again after defeating the FEU Tamarraws, 69-66.  The game showed a lot of heart and passion as we were down for most of the game.  In fact, the team was down until about the midway of the final quarter.  The Tamarraws were clearly in control of the game as the constantly padded their lead when it became a 2 possession game (We came within 4 points several times).  La Salle was down but clearly not out.  When Almond Vosotros drained a 3 pointer to cut the lead by 1, he also ignited an offensive salvo that would put us on top after 17 straight points.  With the lead and momentumon our side, the boys from Morayta just wouldn’t give up as they drained back to back triples courtesy of Romeo and Garcia.  With roughly 30 seconds left on the game clock (if I remember it correctly), Vosotros and Jeron Teng were sent to the line and both of them split their charities, tallying the final score of 69-66.

It was one of the greatest games of La Salle this season.  The team has the talent and skills to win games, but winning this very important game showed us that they also have the heart and mind to win big games.  La Salle will now face the defending champs, the Ateneo Blue Eagles, and that’s going to be a tough assignment.  I know for sure that we can play competetive ball against the Eagles.  The way I see things, the only edge Ateneo has over us is their experience.  As a team, they’ve been playing together for the last couple of years and it has evidently glued them together.  Norman Black’s system is deeply rooted in each and everyone of them and that’s what makes them tough to crack.

I won’t be able to watch the game live becasue of location issues, but I will definitely watch the game at home.  This is something that I would not miss.  Congratulations to DLSU Green Archers for reaching the Final 4 and good luck on your next assignment!

keep it green. ANIMO!


DLSU Ends 3-Game Skid

De La Salle Green Archers ended their 3 game skid when they defeated Adamson Falcons 56-52 today.

Kudos to La Salle for bagging this much needed win.  To finish the first round strong, they need to upstage the surging National University Bulldogs in their next game.  That won’t be an easy task especially if playmaker LA Revilla would still be out due to ankle injury.  Another thing that La Salle need to work on is their embarrasing free throw shooting.  As I’ve read from the articles over the net, La Sall just shot 33% from the line today.  That’s just not right.  They can certainly score a lot of points from the field since they have a couple of offensive options, but if they can’t convert from the line, it will hurt them badly.

I wasn’t able to watch the game today, but based on what I’ve read, it’s an ugly win.  Sure, a win is a win, but winning by just 4 points against the depleted Falcons, and shooting just over 30 percent from the line, that’s just so wrong.  First round will end in a few days and Coach Gee Abanilla needs to take out all his tricks from his hat to make sure that La Salle wins it way to Final Four.

Congratulations to the Green Archers and let’s go win the next game against Bulldogs!

keep it green.