Carmela Tunay

Carmela Tunay



I’m saying NO to the new UAAP rule forcing UAAP HS graduates to sit out 2 years as part of residency if they transfer to a different UAAP school.  As a group of educational institutions, UAAP has no right to stop students from pursuing better quality of education and/or sports programs.  If a HS student intends to transfer to a different school for whatever reason, the school has no right block the door.  They may TRY to persuade the student to stay, but that shoud be it.  A HS student must not be punished and forced to sit out 2 years for wanting something better for himself.

Let’s all hope that the UAAP Board re-evaulates this non-sense ruling.



La Salle Bags Its First UAAP GC

De La Salle has finally won it’s first UAAP General Championship this season.  After 14 long years of dominance, UST was finally ousted from the top by the Green and White squad.  La Salle has been a part of UAAP for more than 25 years now and season 75 marks the first time that La Salle will take home the General Championship Crown.

Special thanks to all La Sallian athletes,  champion team or not, you all deserve to raise the GC this season.  You are the reason for this amazing feat. To the coaches, managers and all support groups of the teams, may you continue to provide your wisdom and guidance to the players, not just as athletes, but as young adults who will be facing the real world in the future.

To us supporters, let’s continue to support our school even if the season is about to close.  There are other leagues that La Salle will join and let’s make sure to provide the same support that we gave them during the UAAP season.

kudos to the entire DLSU Community. ANIMO La Salle!


Teng Hits Game Winner for the Green Archers

Rookie sensation Jeron Teng seemingly hit the rookie wall earlier today when he was uncharacteristically missing his shots. UST’s pesky defense hounded Teng the entire game, but he only needed the final 3 seconds of the game to make his presence felt.  With 3 ticks left on the clock and the game tied at 51, Teng drove to the basket and made a jumper that finally put away the Tigers 53-51.  He finished the game with 9 points, which was below his average, but in the end, it was he who made the most important basket of the game.

The match up earlier was as exciting as their meeting in round 1, but this time, La Salle made sure to emerge as winners.  With LA Revilla and Yutien Andrada still out of commission, the Archers relied on teamwork to get the win.  La Salle’s offense earlier featured a lot of crafty passing but UST did a good job of cutting the passing lanes and converting the steals into points.  Almond Vosotros once again had a good game and led La Salle with 12 markers, all coming from beyond the arc.  Rookie guard Thomas Torres also showcased moments of brilliance especially when he took the ball away from Jeric Teng with less than a minute to play and converted the free throws after getting fouled. He finished with 10 points.  Jovet Mendoza’s hardwork and willingness to sacrifice his own body was admirable as it showed a lot of heart and passion.

Another good thing that I’ve noticed in the game was La Salle’s free throw shooting.  Though I’m not sure about the exact statistic, I’m pretty sure that they’ve converted from the line a lot better compared before.  Now that they can convert their free throw shots, opposing teams will now think twice before sending out players to the charity stripe.

The Green Archers will face the Blue Eagles this coming weekend and I won’t be able to attend the game live.  I’ll just try to watch the game on TV.  I’m looking forward to another great game from the Archers and hopefully this time, La Salle would come out on top.

La Salle Routs UE

La Salle started the second round with a big win over UE Red Warriors. The Archers crushed the Warriors 73-52 at the end of the regulation.

I arrived at MOA Arena a bit late and when I finally found the my seat, I scanned the court and realized that LA Revilla and Yutien Andrada were out of the court.  I thought they were on the bench and when I checked out the bench, they weren’t there either.  Both of them were seated a couple of rows away from the La Salle bench.  To be quite honest, I was a bit worried when I saw them not wearing their uniforms.  When I watched the game, I got more worried when I saw the players out of sync.  They were sloppy on the court and they were obviously our of rhythm.  But then I observed that Arnold Van Opstal and Jovet Mendoza playing quality minutes on the floor.  Mendoza, though he wasn’t scoring heavily, was doing everything pretty well.  AVO on the other hand filled in quite well for Norbert Torres.  With Andrada out of commission, AVO had to work double time and it turned out pretty well for him.  He finished with 14 points, 8 rebounds and a thunderous dunk in the second half.  My anxiety turned to relief when La Salle started to distance themselves from UE in the second half.

Coach Gee Abanilla did pretty well on the rotation of players.  Two of La Salle’s starters, were out of commision and he was able to rotate and maximize the players at his disposal.  Kudos to the Archers as well since they were made sure that whatever minutes they logged, it was beneficial to the team.

Next up for La Salle is UST who’s also coming from an OT win against Bulldogs today.  With both La Salle and UST coming off big wins today, I expect no less than a war on Wednesday.  I hope I can get tickets for the game on Wednesday.

Keep it green. ANIMO!


La Salle Falls to UST in 2OT Thriller

After a hot 2-0 start, DLSU Green Archers lost their 3rd straight game this afternoon at the hands of UST Growling Tigers.  It wasn’t an easy win for the Tigers though, as they had to fight in 2 OTs just to close the game.  An open jumper from Aljon Mariano and a timely block from Karim Abdul sealed the 84-82 win for UST.

It was a heartbreaking finish for La Salle who seemed to be in control of the game.  They took an early lead in the first period before the momentum shifted to the opposing team.  Though down by several points, the Archers stayed in the game and made sure that they wouldn’t go down without a fight.  In the end, costly turnovers and inability to execute down the stretch doomed La Salle.

Overall, La Salle’s offensive game was pretty impressive today.  LA Revilla lead the team with 19 points while rookie Jeron Teng added 17 points together with 12 rebounds.  Yutien Andrada chipped in 16 points, and Joshua Webb, who played on extended minutes added 13 points.

The Growling Tigers was led by Tata Bautista with 21 points including 6 triples.  Abdul and Mariano combined for 31 points and executed the last 2 plays that sealed the W for UST.

Without a doubt, it was a very enjoyable game.  It would have been sweeter had La Salle won, but all in all, I was very satisfied with the game.  I’m not sure though if I can say the same thing for the Green Archers.  As I left the Arena earlier, I just couldn’t let go if the fact that La Salle might have won the game if they just made a couple of their free throws.  I don’t have the exact data with me right now, but I would imagine that La Salle missed more than 10 free throws the entire game.  Had they sank those free shots, they would have probably emerged victorious.  Just a sad thought.

Next on the line is Adamson on August 4 and National University on the 11th.  I won’t be able to watch the games live, but I’m hoping for 2 more wins for La Salle to end the first round.  Let’s end the first rond strong!

keep it green.